Ain’t Nobody Fresher Than the Freshmen

Written by Shelby Alfano, Mikaela Gaudet, and Maya Kadel

September 2, 2014, the graduating class of 2018 started its freshman year at The Morgan School.

Freshman Mikaela Gaudet interviewed Freshmen Taylor Marnett, Georgia Nye, and Mary Kate Staunton on how they felt throughout their first days and how they felt about the upperclassmen. They commented, “We felt nervous, at first, with going to classes, but the upperclassmen helped us find our way.” Freshman Tyler Newfield also commented, “We have more freedom at this school than Eliot.”

Sophomore Gabby DeRusha gave her input on her first days as a freshman the previous year, “I know last year, I was nervous being around upperclassmen and going to my classes, but I got used to everything after a while.” Gabby also gave the freshmen some advice, “Don’t be afraid to talk to us or be afraid of us upperclassmen; we’re here to help you. We’re family.”

Algebra teacher Mrs. Mikulski was also asked about what she expects from the class of 2018, “I had heard a lot of great praise about the freshmen class, and the class is definitely living up to and surpassing their reputation.  It was great getting to know  the freshmen prior to school starting, as I was able to interact with many of them during the STEP Program.  I am very impressed with how accommodating and understanding the freshmen have been with one another, and it has been great to see their enthusiastic attitudes positively affect the overall school climate.  I’m excited to be the freshman class advisor with Miss Capobianco, and it will be wonderful to watch the Class of 2018 grow over the next four years!”

Well, let’s see if the class of 2018 will live up to their full potential. With the help of our peers, I have no doubt that we will.