Morgan 2k14: The First Days


Written by Paul Hotchkiss and Jensen Garcia |
Video by Charlotte Limosani
Photos by The Morgan PawPrint staff

Welcome to this year’s edition of the beloved Morgan PawPrint! With new teachers, students, and opportunities arising, this year is already shaping up to be one of the greatest years this school has seen with promises both on the athletic fields and also in the classroom.

Senior Paul Hotchkiss stated, “This is my first year attending Morgan, and I can already feel the comradery flooding through the hallways every morning. This is one of the most united, jubilant and definitely special student bodies that I’ve ever gotten the privilege to be apart of. Being from Xavier I have been able to experience only its way of trying to get us all to come together. There were many attempts made, but none of us really felt like we were a family. But from what I have seen in the pep rally videos, and at the few sports games which I have been able to attend, The Morgan Huskies know what it means to be both a team, a productive student body. I can tell already that we are certainly a family. I am over the moon excited for this upcoming year, as I am sure there will not be even the slightest chance of disappointment in my high expectations.”

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Senior Tasha Walker is also excited: “I hope I have a great last year at Morgan.”

Sophomore Jensen Garcia plans to make the most of the 2014-15 school year: “I am happy to be back to see my friends that I have not seen all summer. I am excited for the new year and want to do my best this year. Though it is only the beginning of the year, I can feel it is already going to be a good year.”

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