Student Athlete Awards


Written by Lily Dawson |

The Morgan School had a lot of success this year in the athletic department, bringing home a number of different titles. It has been such an amazing year that everyone should be proud. However,we also need to honor the athletes who received individual awards.

This spring we had multiple athletes receive All Shoreline Honors. On the baseball team, Senior Nicholas Powers, the short stop, received first team, and centerfielder Junior Jake Ward received second team. The softball team had 3rd basemen Junior Ashlyn Chidsey recognized as honorable mention. Junior Catcher Kelsey Donaldson and second basemen Senior Lily Dawson both received second team.  On first team, the shortstop Junior Jen Dawson and outfielder Senior Jaime Fitzgerald were recognized. However, that was not all for the softball team. The pitcher, Sophomore Emily Popp was recognized on first team All Shoreline and also as the Pitcher of the Year. Pop also recieved the honor of First Team All State, along with Jen Dawson and Jaime Fitzgerald. The girls lacrosse team had two recievers of Second Team All Shoreline: Junior Kaitlyn Lucas and Senior Emma Ramcke, and two recievers of First Team All Shoreline: Sophomore Catlen Goss and Sophomore Josie Sullivan.

Senior Eli Phelps, our number one for boys tennis singles was named First Team All Shoreline, while Riley Cochrane, Senior Sean Davidson, Junor Brian Gendron,Senior Avery Hecimovich, Senior Matt McNamara and Senior Casey Sullivan all recieved First Team All Shoreline for boys track. Junior Chase Lemay was named Second Team All Shoreline for boys track, and Casey Sullivan worked hard to get himself named as a State Champion in the 200M.

The girls track team had just as much success, with Sophomore Kate Mozzochi recieving First Team All Shoreline and Sophomore Courtney Carroll, Sophomore Nola Neri, and Senior Maddi Roman recieving second team.

Last but not least, the Golf team brought home the State Championship and the Shoreline Title for the second year in a row! Before doing this, they also had players named for the All Shoreline Teams, with Sophomore Kevin Daley recieveing second team, and Junior Maxx Bugg and Senior Gabe Van Ness recieving first team.

These kids are called “student athletes” for a reason. In order to be a Scholar Athlete, an athlete must have finished his or her IMG_0781sophomore, junior or senior year season at a Shoreline Conference school, be named either first team all Shoreline or first team all state, and maintain a cummulative GPA of 3.5. That is not easy to do, and Gabe Van Ness, Catlen Goss, Jen Dawson, Emily Popp, Eli Phelps, Brian Gendron, Casey Sullivan, and Kate Mozzochi were all eligable for this honor.

Congratulations to everyone! Seniors, way to finish your athletic career strong. Everyone coming back, keep working hard to get even better! Everyone has made Morgan very proud.

In the top left picture is a plaque that Jaime Fitzgerald received for getting First Team All Shoreline