Student Council Elections: Who are your new Class Officers?


Written by | Jonah Morello

With the school year coming to a close, the student council recently held elctions to decide who would be the new class officers for each grade. Many people ran for office this year; some opposed and some unopposed. Each class has a President, Vice President, Secretary, and a Public Relations Officer, formerly known as Class Treasurer. This year, the Morgan Pawprint is pleased to announce the winners of each position! View the list below and see who your new Class Officers are!

Freshman Class

President– Lily Cummings

Secretary– Kaitlyn Maurais


Sophomore Class

President- Burton Caldwell

Vice-President-Olivia Amendola

Secretary- Karla Rivaderira

Public Relations- Lindsay Harden


Junior Class

President- Mike Fiorillo

Vice-President- Meghan Lindsay

Secretary- Cara Morello


Senior Class

President- Catie LeMontague

Vice-President- Abby Andrews

Secretary- Celia Lacross

Public Relations- Madison Wickham



President- Brian Gendron

Vice-President- Kate Mozzochi

Secretary- Alyssa Robinson

Public Relations- Maggie Lacross