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    And Behind Door Number One: Your New Roommate!


    Written By Riley Cronan|
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    Part of the college process for many students is the fabeled roommate search. While some students will be commuting to their intended college or university, the majority of students across the country will be moving in with either a stranger or someone that they met previously. Either way, there is uncertainty about the relationship, whether it be successful or a miserable failure.

    Senior Nick Powers and I, Riley Cronan, will be rooming with people that are doing the same sports as we are. The baseball coach at Mitchell College is setting Powers up with a fellow teammate while the rugby coach at Seton Hall University is doing the same type for me. Others have met people with shared interests over social networking sites like Facebook. Rory Smith who is going to the University of Delaware in the fall joined a group on Facebook which included many other potential students getting ready to make the roommate decision as well. A fellow student then messaged Rory. Once they decided that they had shared interests, they decided to room together.

    Lily Dawson has a similar situation, but not in the way that you might think. Lily met her roommate on the volleyball court, as an opponent. Obviously there was no animosity between the two players, and they began following each other on Instagram and Twitter. That’s what led to the decision to room with each other. “I knew someone that was going there. We were opponents throughout high school, but when we followed each other on Twitter and Instagram, we found out that we were both going to Keene. That’s when we decided to be roommates.” Situations like this can truly put into perspective how small of a world it is for college students.

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    Other students are rooming with friends from Morgan. Senior Jonah Morello is rooming with his friends, Alex Best and Matt Johnson at Eastern Connecticut State University. Riley Cochrane is doing the same with his friends, Avery Hecimovich and Austin Van Winkle at Eastern.

    Rising college students must decide whether they feel comfortable rooming with people they know.

    For some, the idea of rooming with a person they have already spent so much time with is not the ideal setting.

    Students such as Debbie Foster and Jason Comeau will be completing a roommate survey. After completing the survey, their college will set them up with a random student who shares the same interests, music taste, hobbies, and sleeping habits.

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