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Summertime = Job Time

Written By AJ Rai|

Summer is right around the corner, and students will have more free time. That means that students should be looking for summer cash! There are many opportunities during the summer to expierence new things. The summer jobs bulletin board in front of the guidance office presents many of these opportunities.

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The results of an informal survey of students were that the most popular jobs are in food services and in retail. Those job choices makes sense since these are jobs that are easier for students to maintain and have flexible hours. Out of the 20 students I surveyed in this category, 12 people worked at Shoprite and the others worked in restaurants. A majority of people said they liked working in food services because there was a lot of communication between the customers and workers.

Senior Kellen Murray of The Morgan School works in food service and said, “You definietly need to be a people person to work in food service.” Working at Shoprite or any retail store requires communication skills. Junior Nina Taylor works at Shoprite and said, “Shoprite has given me good communication skills.” If you are interested in working food services or retail, you must be willing to communicate with customers.

Another great place to work during the summer is the Cedar Island Marina. Senior Griffin Bovich who works at the Cedar Island Marina states,”I learned a lot about communication, and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind landscaping and working with boats.” The ability to communicate and be friendly with co-workers is important.  Students who enjoy their coworkers are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs.

In addition, a team that works well also works efficiently. Senior Erika Renkl stated, “I enjoy working with my fellow employees, but I don’t really like working in retail.” There are many different jobs available for students from working at a local restaurant to working at the outlets or a supermarket. But a majority of these jobs are part time.

If you are just looking for a summer job check out the summer jobs bulletin board in front of the guidance office. Mrs. Brochu said that people around Clinton will fax their job opportunities, and she will immediately post them on the board.

If you are planning to work during the summer, you must obtain working papers from the office. You have to get an intent to work letter from your boss and then bring that letter with a picture ID to the office. The office will fill out the proper paper work. This is required by the state not just The Morgan School.

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  • C

    chriswaterburySep 10, 2014 at 8:10 am

    Interesting how many different students in the morgan school work. The variety of jobs is unique as well. I also work and I can realate to having to be good at communicating with other people. good article, it was very interesting.

  • E

    erikarenklJun 2, 2014 at 7:27 pm

    It’s nice that you mentioned the job bulletin board because it’s a great place to look for jobs that are trying to hire people our age. When I applied for a job after I turned sixteen, I found that a lot of stores at the outlets wanted people over eighteen so the bulletin board it a great resource! Students can also check the outlet management office to see a list of store that are hiring.