95% Participation = Junior Privileges


Junior Class Officers: Celia, Jadan, Chase, and Bailey

Written by Leah Campano |

In a past article, SBAC: The New CAPT, Assistant Principal Mr. Webb hinted that there would be rewards for the junior class and their hard work this past year, due to Junior Portfolio and a second round of statewide testing. Then in advisory April 29th, Principal Mrs. Hagness confirmed that rewards will be given! Due to the 95% participation for both the SBAC and the Junior Portfolio, the junior class earned exam exemptions and a late arrival.  For this year only, a student may be exempt from final exams if they have an 85 or better for a semester two grade and have teacher discretion. Late arrival for the juniors will take place June 6th, the day of the underclassmen awards assembly. Juniors need to be in school by 9:30, and the awards assembly will commence at 12:30.

Chase LeMay
Junior Chase LeMay

As to be expected, the junior privileges have sparked some controversy among seniors. To be exempt from finals, seniors must have a 90 or better for a semester two grade – 5 points higher than what the juniors are required to have. Seniors feel it is unfair that juniors only need an 85 to be exempt, while seniors are still required to have a 90. However, some are a little more understanding. Senior Kaitlyn Conway said: “I understand why the required grade for exemption is an 85 because they made the decision towards the middle of the semester. That gives students the chance to raise their grade.”

Juniors are of course excited about the granted privileges because for some, it means an early start to summer. Final exams begin June 12th, and some could be potentially exempt from all, meaning their summer starts that Thursday rather than the following Wednesday. Junior Erin Barnett said, “I am very excited about the final exemptions because as of right now, I believe I only have to take two.” Even though not many are exempt from all, not being required to take one or two is very nice. Junior Jenna Egan, along with Junior Celia Lacross, was involved in introducing the idea of exam exemptions to Mrs. Hagness: “I heard that Old Saybrook High School was taking SBAC’s as well, but they were exempt from taking their finals if they had an 85 or better. I told Celia, then we went to Mrs. Hagness who agreed to offer the exemptions.”

Congratulations to juniors for their 95% participation!