19th Annual Car Show


Written by Kevin Moran and Riley Cronan|

Car ShowThe Morgan parking lot will surely be busy on Saturday May 10th, as the Morgan automotive and technology students host the 19th Annual Morgan Car Show and Food Drive.  This year the car show will have a live D.J. Food and drinks will be provided by SalDamarco’s. The show is free for all spectators. The price to register a vehicle for the show is $10 .  The automotive show this year will not only bring entertainment to the attendees, but it also allows the students to run their own event.  That’s right, the students are organizing and fundraising the entire event and will be judging the cars in the different groupings.  The show will surely be a success for the winners as well as the students controlling the show.

The head of the automotive department Mr. Cole discussed attendance at the show.  He said “It always depends on the weather. We try not to use the rain date unless it’s an absolute downpour.” Mr. Cole was very proud to talk about his students’ efforts in running the car show because it gives the students a chance to show what they can do on their own.

One of those students deeply involved with the event is Senior Owen Zamecnik, who has been a loyal member in organizing the event since our freshman year.  Owen will even be putting in two of his own classic 60’s cars that he restored to full working shape.  When asked about what he hopes to achieve this year at the car show, Owen explained, “I think my cars have a chance of winning best project but not best for the 60’s cars because there will be much nicer cars there.” We also asked Owen what he thought about the event being student-run, and he said, “I think it should stay student run.  Mr. Cole does a great job advising the students.  Even when it seems like some of the students aren’t paying attention, they always manage to get it together in time for the event.”

The Morgan car show will be Saturday May 10th, the rain date will be May 17th! Come support  the Morgan automotive and tech classes as they put on a day of classic cars. The show will also have a food drive. The car show bring the community together to appreciate an aspect of history that is extremely unique through these cars.  The even more interesting part of the show is that each one of the contestants as well as their cars all come to Morgan with a story of how the car was found, the hard work and dedication needed to restore the machine, and the memories that have been made along the way. The people coming to the show have spent countless hours and money restoring their cars to their fullest potential, and the Morgan Car Show is definitely a great homage to all of their work.

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