Baking for a Trophy


Written By: Kate Driscoll and Amanda LaRiviere

On March 28th 2014, three Morgan students won the second annual Morgan Cupcake War. The winners of this competition competed in the regional competition on May 9th.

Becca Farrow, Lily DeLaura, Jamie Fitzgerald
Becca Farrow, Lily DeLaura, and Jamie Fitzgerald

The three school winners of the Morgan Cupcake Wars, Lily DeLaura, Becca Farrow, and Jamie Fitzgerald explained “Last time we made apple pie cupcakes, they were vanilla and filled with apple pie in the center with butter cream frosting. It was very simple”. When asked how they will improve as they move on to regionals, the group responded with, “Definitely time management, along with the butter cream frosting”. They all agreed that Becca is very skilled with the decorating;  Lily is the best with the baking, and Jamie is the best at keeping them on task.

cupcake winners 2014
These are the winning apple pie cupcakes


Mrs. Nunan explained how the competition worked. “The judges that I know of are Erika Martin, a chef from Lincoln Tech and a Board of Education member. We did tweak the rubric this year because last year there was no category for taste. Everything else went smoothly”. This was the second annual Cupcake War, and many enjoyed it for the challenge it gave students with time management, organization, and communication. The schools competing this year were  Milford, Haddam-Killingworth, Madison, as well as Morgan. Last year, the cupcake contest rubric did not include taste, and the cupcakes were only judged based on their appearances. This year, the competitors needed to make it taste just as well as it looked.

The results of this year’s competition were Hadam Killingworth coming in first place with Willy Wonka themed cupcakes. The team consisted of Alyx Mahler and Sam Eber of Haddam Killingworth High School.