Find a Bargain at the Project Grad Tag Sale


written by Lily DeLaura |

The Project Grad committee annual tag sale will take place at The Morgan School in the gymnasiums on Saturday April 26th from 9 am-2 pm..

If the students have any time, they are more than welcome to volunteer on Saturday, even if it is only an hour of their time.

This is usually the biggest fundraiser for Project Grad, however, this year they booked the Harlem Wizards basketball game, and that beat the tag sale. The tag sale is still a huge help to Project Grad.

Come and support the Class of 2014!!!
Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far.  Hope to see everyone there!

Project Grad is doing well. Although there were some questions about what was going to happen with Project Grad, everything is figured out, and the venue is now booked for the correct date, all we need is to finish up this fundraising!