True Life: Katie Costello


Written by: Aj Rai |

Katie Costello is currently a senior at The Morgan School. Katie Costello is a woman with many hats: she’s a cheerleader, flutist, and a friend. She has a way of making people smile with her high pitched giggle. She not only makes a difference on her cheerleading squad as a captain but also as a comunnity volunteer at Peregrine Landing in Clinton. She helped build leaders on her cheerleading squad by motivating her team to do better. Even with the stress as a full time student, she manages to work part-time at PacSun.

This year Katie Costello and her squad went to NECA, a cheerleading competition in Connecticut, and placed 1st last year and 2nd this year.

Her plans after high school consist of attending Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey to major in communications. She plans on entering the work field immediately after graduating college.

Senior Kellen Murray expressed her opinion about Katie as a cheerleader. “She was a hard worker on the team and she was always determined to make a difference for the squad.”

Katie is more than a cheerleader. She is also a great friend who always makes people smile. Riley Cronan, a senior, said that,”One nice thing about me and Katie’s friendship is that there are so many nice things. Even though it sounds cliché we can tell each other everything with an open mind and not have the fear that other people finding out.” On a side note, he said, “She has some pretty awesome dance moves”

Katie Costello is the type of person who makes a difference in many people’s lives and influences people around her in a positive way.