No Husky Helper Day? No Problem


Written By Kevin Moran and Riley Cronan |

Recently, word got out that there would be no Husky Helper Day for students at Morgan this year. This unfortunate cancellation is the result of 187 students who called out the day of the event last year instead of coming in and helping their town and community. This is truly a shame considering how many of us here at The Morgan School truly enjoyed going out and helping towns from Madison to Westbrook and especially in our hometown of Clinton. However, we at The Morgan School will not allow this cancellation to stop us from helping those in need, which is why we’re taking our time to specially recognize students in our school who go out of their way to take part in programs and events that help benefit the community.

People may not think about it, but there are plenty of students throughout our school who help the communioty in one way or another. Senior Jake Mastrioanni and Junior Catie LeMontague are both members of Student Leadership Society (SLS) which helps students become more independent as well as more effective leaders in the community. Local body builder Kellen Murray even finds time in her busy schedule to go to Apple Rehab and help the elderly with their everyday struggles.

There have been some very evident favorites from students here at The Morgan School which include mission trips involved with local churches as well as any soup kitchens that can be found within the community. Along with the idea of the mission trips is Habitat for Humanity, not only a program recognized in our community, but a program that has spread across the country and is even involved with the community service options for many colleges and universities. Senior Riley Cronan has participated in many Habitat for Humanity builds located in both Madison and New Haven. Riley has also become a member of groups such as Peer Advocates, Fantastic Friends, and Madison Cares. Clearly Riley is a great example for someone who truly cares for their community.

Another heavy hitter here at The Morgan School is senior A.J. Rai who has put in an astonishing 650 hours of community service at Yale New Haven Hospital. He also donated 150 bottles of laundry detergent and 50 drier sheets to his own laundry drive to help people who could not afford proper laundry supplies. The grand total of this fundraising effort was a whopping $150 all in coins. A.J. and Riley Cronan are Peer Advocates and have a great passion for helping the community in any way they can.

Through investigating community service in our school, we found a very wide range of projects being accomplished. From volunteering at soup kitchens to helping with the Special Olympics and everything in between, students here at The Morgan School have been showing, and will continue to show, a deep commitment to the community that we care so much about.

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