Morgan’s Got Talent


As of 4/22, here are the students who have signed up
As of 4/22, here are the students who have signed up

By Amanda LaRiviere |

Talent shows have been performed in schools for years, and this year Morgan is joining that trend. On Tuesday June 3rd, students will have the chance to show the school their talent. To make the show more interesting, a $100 Visa card will go to the winning act. Tickets are $5, and the money will be benefiting the Freshman Class of 2017.

Learning Commons Media Specialist Mrs. Robinson is helping to organize the show. What makes Morgan’s Got Talent so different though? She answered, “We’re looking for people that can think outside the box, like if you have a magic or comedy act. We’re looking for all types of talent, not just your typical singing and dancing.”

When asked about how the acts will be judged, Mrs. Robinson answered, “Students are going to come and select their favorite act via social media. We are going to have a panel of student/teacher judges but probably just for entertainment purposes.” Students who attended Mr. Morgan 2014 will be familiar with this new voting method, where you can use your phone to choose your favorite act.

Spots in the show are limited, and only a certain number of people can sign up for different talent categories. Mrs. Robinson commented, “We are limiting people for each division so we don’t get a lot of people for each kind of act. I would encourage people to get comfortable outside their box and join.” You don’t need to audition to sign up, so if you have a talent make sure to share it. Some of the talents so far include: singing, dancing, Irish step dancing, ribbon dancing, instrumental performance, poetry reading, and monologue reading. The list is filling up fast, and spots are getting scarce.

Danny Khalifa, local Syrian rap artist, will be one of the singers performing in the talent show. “I’m most likely performing a song just like “Ooh Syria” which I am working on now with an artist from Branford. This time the song is about war, not just specifically in Syria, but the whole world.” This isn’t the first time Danny has performed on a stage, so he says, “Don’t be afraid, do what you like, and just go out there and show them what you got.”

If you have an intriguing talent, sign up in the Learning Commons as soon as possible.