Project Graduation: The Last “Hoorah” for the Senior Class


Image via Clinton Patch
Image via Clinton Patch

By Jonah Morello |

Updated April 8th, 2014 via new information from Project Graduation Co-Chair, Donnamarie Buffington

With graduation less than 3 months away, many seniors are already preparing for June 18th, which is our confirmed graduation date due to the accumulation of the five snow days we’ve had this year. Just last week, cap and gown order forms were handed out to all of the graduating seniors. Now, with the little time that is left in the school year, graduation has become the popular topic among many of my fellow seniors. Rumors have flown about where everyone is going after we leave Morgan, but what really excites us seniors is that we are going to college with hopes of pursuing bigger and better accomplishments. However, with graduation also comes Project Graduation, an event that all of us are excited for.

Project Graduation is an event that was started a years ago with the hope to stop seniors from attending unsupervised parties on the night of graduation. This year Project Graduation does have a set date of June 18th, 2014 as the Board of Education finalized the graduation date on April 7th, 2014. The PG14 committee has reassured us here at the Morgan Pawprint that Project Graduation will take place on the night of graduation. They are currently pending on a waiting list for the original venue, but if they end up not being able to host PG14 at the original location they also have a “Plan B” that will accommodate everyone’s wants and needs. Recently, as the graduation date was finalized, PG14 was not able to make reservations for the original venue. However, they have a new venue where PG14 will hold an incredible party for everyone in the senior class.

A Project Graduation committee member stated, “The Morgan Graduation date is set by the Board of Education, and I don’t believe it has been finalized yet. The Project Graduation committee is working to ensure that the celebration is on the same night as graduation. We are still evaluating multiple options and once the Board of Education finalizes the graduation date, the PG14 committee will finalize the celebration plans.” A student representative who is on the student Board of Education stated, “The Board of Education is currently saying no to Project Graduation’s request to change the date of Jared Eliot Middle School’s promotion to the night of Morgan’s graduation. The Project Graduation committee requested that the dates be switched, but as of now it does not look promising.” Recently, the PG14 committee confirmed the date of Project Graduation for the night of Morgan‘s Graduation, so everyone stays safe on the night of graduation. Much work has gone into PG14 , and I and others are sure it will be a memorable night!

Regardless, graduation and Project Graduation are going to be great events to remember. Much work has gone into Project Graduation with Donnamarie Buffington and Jane Orsini heading the committee. Many parents have also put in a lot of time and effort with the PG14 committee. The bulletin boards throughout the school with pictures of us from over the years is also done by the PG14 committee. The photos bring back many memories, and offer a chance for everyone to have a quick laugh about how much we have changed. Although nobody knows where Project Graduation is being held, we have heard from past experiences that it is always a fun night. The night is filled with food, games, music, and fun, and the best part is seniors get to spend it with all of their friends. Project Graduation is the last “Hoorah” from the school and a time where everyone can see each other before they go off to enjoy summer.

Graduation commencement is most likely going to be held on June 18th in the late afternoon, outside on the athletic fields. In the event of rain, commencement will be held in the gym. But, we are all hoping for beautiful weather because the school has no air conditioning making the gym very hot and uncomfortable. Graduation has everyone excited, and as it gets closer to that time, the realization that we are leaving Morgan will become a reality. However, when we graduate from Morgan, we will leave with memories of friends, and learning experiences from our past four years here at the Morgan School.

Update: The date for Graduation has been confirmed by the Board of Education. It is set for June 18th, 2014. The Project Graduation committee has also finalized and confirmed the date for PG14, as it is set for the night of graduation. The original venue has been ruled out, however, PG14 has a new venue in which the event will be held. Mrs. Buffington also said, “We have confirmed the date of PG14 for June 18th, we have moved the venue, but it will still be an incredible party for all you guys!”