Thoughts on the New Morgan School


A concept drawing of the new Morgan School


[wpvideo 9z4T6SDA]

Video by Steph Strucaly and Destiny D’Zacomo

Written by Kristine Adams |

For a couple of years now, the new Morgan School has been the talk of Clinton. People are curious about how the new school will look, but they are also interested in the cost and how different the new school will be from the current Morgan School. The estimated cost of the new school, which will be located at the site of  the Clinton Nursery , is  67.4 million dollars. 19 million will come from the state. Many ask, “why not fix the old school instead of building a new one?” Apparently the cost of the necessary improvements to the current school will be about 13 million more than the price of building the new school. Also in the last 10 years, 12 million dollars has already been used to improve the now Morgan School. The Principal of The Morgan School, Mrs. Keri Hagness, supports the plan of building a new school. She hopes the new school will bring students together and form an overall better school environment. She also hopes to make the new school more like a college campus to prepare students for the future after graduation. Many Clinton citizens are concerned about the price of the new school due to poor economic times, but whatever takes the place of the current high school will benefit the towns and make up for the cost of the new school . If the proposal for the school passes in April, the doors of the new Morgan School will be open in April 2015.  For more information on The Morgan Building Committee’s presentation to the Boards of Selectman, Finance and Education, see Clinton Patch.

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