A Willow’s Tale

Mr. Serenbetz back in 1987.

By Kendra Dean |

Did you know that there is a teacher here at Morgan who has been working in our high school for thirty – three years? Our humanities teacher, Mr. Serenbetz, has been working in this very high school for thirty – three years! He is one of our greatest teachers at Morgan because he is wise, flexible, experienced, and a very friendly man. Although I have not had him as a teacher yet, former students say he is very well liked and nice. Steph Strucaly, a former student, wrote in a past article, “…Mr Serenbetz is a guy with so much talent, knowledge, and personality.” Mr. Serenbetz even won the district teacher of the year award. Mr. Serenbetz is also Chairman of the English Department. Mrs. Chausse says, “ He is the voice of reason and supports everything we do. I am so fortunate that he is chairman; we are so glad to have him here.” Mr. Serenbetz is also on the Board of Directors for the Clinton Educational Foundation. The Clinton Educational Foundation‘s mission is to enhance public education in our schools. They accept donations and they have a golf tournament every year. They provide program/project grants for teachers and students.

Since he has been in this school for thirty – three years, knows how to deal with teenagers, and is a great teacher, I decided to ask him if he had any advice for the future and present teachers. He said, “ Don’t be an oak; be a willow.”, meaning don’t be rigid; be flexible. I also asked him what his favorite memory was here at Morgan. He said, “ There was this one student who nominated me for a teacher award. That made me really happy.” He also said that he liked having his past student’s kids and that he liked the fact that his past students stayed here and wanted their kids to grow up in Morgan as well. Mr. Serenbetz has been working here for long time, and we all hope that he continues to work here longer.