A Tasty Reputation


Mr.Serenbetz and Kaite Elliot love Morgan school lunch

A home cooked meal at school is not just a dream!

Written by Destiny D’Zacomo

Where can you find a well balanced meal that’s cheap? Look no further, The Morgan School lunches are tasty and nutritious. Mr. Serenbetz has purchased the Morgan school lunch for 33 years and the tradition lives on. According to Mr.Serenbetz, ” I’ve eaten at a lot of fancy restaraunts and I would say the school’s scallop potatoes are the best potatoes I’ve eaten.” The best thing about the school lunch is the new fresh fruit that the cafeteria ladies are putting out. The school cafeteria makes Mr.Serenbetz feel welcome and comfortable. The cafeteria ladies bring spirit and excitement when kids buy lunch. Rob Gabucci has been at Morgan for four years and has gotten lunch every day. “If you don’t buy the school lunch, then you should start. You get a hot meal for a cheap price, who wouldn’t want that?” The best thing about the school lunch according to Rob is the taco macaroni. Even though the cafeteria is filled with good food, Mr. Serenbetz and Rob both have some meals that they said they would not order if they had an option. Mr. Serenbetz is not a fan of the clam boats, and Rob is not a fan of the soup and subs. Hungry? Check out the Morgan lunch menu and enjoy a hot meal in a warm environment.