Hats or No Hats?

Written by Kendra Dean |

Opinions and talk about the new dress code are being heard all around school. Some people are wondering why it is in place, and others are wondering why it is just being put in place now. The new dress code states that head coverings, such as, hats, scarves, headbands, and hoods, are to be removed upon entering the building. A lot of the teachers are happy about this dress code, but many students have different opinions.

Most teachers think this is a good change including Mrs. Neumann. She says, “I think it’s important for us to teach how to dress at an early age.” In order to maintain an environment conducive to the educational process these rules must be in place. The office says, “Hats are distracting. It’s hard for kids to see if they are sitting behind a student who is wearing a hat.” If you can’t see the board and the teacher is writing out a lesson, how can you learn that lesson? If anything gets in the way of a student’s success the school needs to get that “thing” out of the way. In this case, hats.

The majority of the students here at Morgan do not like this new dress code. Morgen Leask says, “It doesn’t matter how we dress, it’s how we act. That’s what’s important.” Not letting us wear hats, scarves, headbands, or hoods isn’t going to improve the way the student body acts. Tim Massey says, “Wearing a hat isn’t going to hurt anyone.” Mr. Quinn agrees with Tim. It’s not like kids are wearing inappropriate hats. Most kids wear sport caps or beanies, how are these hats harmful?