Some Final Guidance

Written by Emily Card|

Many students at the Morgan School, including me, were lucky enough to have a very important individual assist them throughout their high school years.  Anytime spent with this individual was better than none at all.  This individual is none other than Mr.Picchioni, a guidance counselor at The Morgan School, who will be leaving at the close of this year.

As a freshman coming from the middle school, I vividly remember Mr.Picchioni  welcoming us to the high-school and new experiences.  He wasted no time making sure not only my own, but each of his student’s schedules was perfected to his or her personal needs and requirements.  No matter what his days schedule consisted of, if he was in the building, he made sure he had time to see students, and answer any question they may have.  He never seemed as though he was in a hurry, even if he had 600 other projects to compete.  Mr.Grippo, a math teacher and coach, explained, “The school won’t be the same without Einstein,”and this is indeed true.  He took his time because he truly cared.  His love for his job as a guidance counselor always reflected his work throughout the school, especially during the college application process.  Deadlines were always met, and he made the process as smooth as possible. Not once did I, or any other student feel the least bit stressed.  Mr.Picchioni has always been one you can count on, and he is memorable for his organization and hard-work.  Even more so, as said by Mr.Motter, “I will miss his energy and upbeat personality very much”, and I don’t think Mr.Motter is alone.

All those who know Mr.Picchioni can agree to the brilliant attributes he possesses and has portrayed throughout the years. No one will forget the memories, no matter how small or silly, spent with him.  In fact, when Mr.Samet, a math teacher at the Morgan School  was asked for any specific memories he recalled, with a laugh, he proceeded to explain an on-going game between him and Mr.Picchioni.  “Everyday we would add up how many days were left in the school year and match that number with famous baseball players.”  I know from personal experience that these two teachers have spent numerous mornings talking with one another.  Also, Mr.Beckett, a former student and now a Film Study teacher at The Morgan School, actually had the pleasure of having Mr.Picchioni as his guidance counselor when he was a student.   He recalls, “he was always the nicest minded guy when I was a student, and now as a colleague, it is always easy to connect with him, and I will miss him, best of luck!”  Mrs.Luther  said he is “irreplaceable,” and who can deny this?  He was more than a guidance counselor, Jon Chann, a sophomore, explained.  “He was my mentor and a great deal of help for success in the future.”  Mr.Picchioni was a friend to all.

How did it all begin?  I had the chance to ask Mrs.Hangess her thoughts, and she proceeded to open a new window of information I had never been aware of.  Many may not know, but before Mr.Picchioni had even filled the job of guidance counselor, the year book was dedicated to him.  The reason for this was that “the students had already caught a glimpse of his commitment, whether it had been through substituting or coaching.”  Mrs.Hagness went on to further explain.  She could “immediately see his love for Morgan, and for the past twenty years, he has participated in everything possible.  He enjoys what he does, and he feels good about it. We’ll all miss him”. It takes a special person to have students feel as though they are connected to you before filling a permanent position in the high school. Without a doubt, it is clear today why Mr.Picchioni was that one person.

The 2012-2013 school year, along with the years to follow will be different for certain.  The Morgan School is losing a very special individual.  Many will be thankful to say they were given the chance to know Mr.Picchioni, not because he did his job, but because he always went above and beyond what his job consisted of; not because he ever expected anything in return, but because he was a genuine, kind person.  His big heart and smile will be missed, but never forgotten.