To The PawPrint!


Evan Doolittle taking pictures on Husky Helper Day

To the future PawPrint Staff:

I’m Evan Doolittle, the PawPrint’s first webmaster and cofounder.  As the PawPrint grew over its first semester, so did my list of responsibilities. It was my job as webmaster to find a suitable site to host the PawPrint; design the layout of the site; create all the logos and background images; manage the Facebook page, Twitter, Email, and Flickr; Tag and Categorize pending articles; and fix whatever was broken (and a lot was broken.)  A few days after we launched the PawPrint a student walked up to me and said “Your newspaper is going to fail” and someone has been taping copies of the Husky Herald to my locker ever since. My biggest job on the PawPrint has been not letting it fail, and to whoever takes my place as webmaster, you too have that responsibility.

We’ve continued to learn from our mistakes at the PawPrint and it will be difficult for the new staff in the next semester, but the hard part is over. We had no clear goal as we began the PawPrint no website, no editors, nothing. But now, the PawPrint not only continues to exist, but succeed. In one semester we’ve posted over 100 articles, redesigned the website three times, and received over 10,000 views. We have become a recognizable name not only at Morgan but in the community.

In the semesters ahead and the years ahead, continue to improve upon the Morgan PawPrint. As a Morgan alum and founder of the PawPrint, there’s no doubt that I’ll continue to read Morgan’s digital news source and be proud of what it has become.  Mrs. Chausse knows the inner workings of the PawPrint well, but if something breaks (and something always does,) I and the rest of the PawPrint cofounders will always be there to help.

*Proper use of “PawPrint”
Our website is called “The PawPrint” in much the same way The New York Times is called “The Times.”
The formal title would then be “The Morgan PawPrint”
And we’re not really sure why paw print is one word. I think we just spelled it wrong initially and rolled with it.