Movie Review: Think Like a Man


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Written by Chou Pan |

It’s not easy maintaining a perfect relationship without having little arguments or fights. Think like a Man is a comedy released now in the theatre. The main character, Steve Harvey, an author, promotes his book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man on a show. His book includes advice for girls to find the perfect guy. After Harvey appears on a talk show, four women are hooked on his book. The ladies use Harvey’s advice to turn their boyfriends into their ideal companions. Harvey’s book targets many habits in guys that girls hate to find. But the women’s boyfriends aren’t fools; the guys find out about how the ladies are using Harvey’s book, and decide to use Harvey’s book to get back at their girlfriends. Although they are successful, the ladies eventually find out about the plan. Learning from past mistakes, the four men finally stop their mischief after realizing that what they were doing caused them to lose their loved ones. Personally, I thought this was a good movie. Although the major focus of this movie revolves around relationships, I would recommend people (single or in a relationship) to go see this movie because some of the issues that occur in this movie are likely to happen in real-life relationships. Of course, people want their loved ones to meet certain standards and have all the perfect requirements, but if they keep being stubborn by changing their boyfriends to be the perfect guys, the relationship might not last. Relationships require a lot of understanding from both the guy and the girl. But of course, there’s always room for improvements.