Off and Away or Out and On Hand!


Written By: Destiny D’Zacomo

The difficult thing about going to school is not only waking up early, but also not having access to our own phones. Now we know there are other schools that let their students use their cell phones including Cocinchaug, Valley, and  the Connecticut Technical Schools. Why it is that The Morgan School says that we can’t have our phones out? Is it because we will cheat? Or that it’s just a distraction? What is it really? As a student of Morgan I don’t think a phone is that much of a distraction. I asked people if they think we should be allowed to use our phones in school. Mr. K, the in-school suspension teacher, agrees with the current policy, “We should have the cell phone policy because it’s a distraction to students, and it’s just a rule.” I asked others their opinion on cell phone use, and Jordan Langley, a sophomore from Morgan said, “we should be smart enough to know when or when not to use our cell phones”. Mr. Underwood, a strict no cell phone policy advocate, says that “cells phones should only be allowed to be used during lunch and passing time.”  We as Morgan students should have some freedom.  I believe that educated students should be able to use their smart phones for educational purposes. We can use our phones to instantly access information on the web when questions arise during class discussions, to take a picture of an important diagram or project, or to look up a word in the dictionary or the thesaurus.   Rumor has that next year’s cell phone policy will allow students to use their phones when teachers permit it.   What do you think?

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