Wrestling Senior Night 2020

Written by Aurora Smith |
Photos by Aurora Smith |

February 12th, 2020 was a day to support the Morgan Wrestling team’s seniors. Not only did they support the seniors, but all donations made were going towards the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The wrestling team raised more than $750 dollars. The team invited the Carlisle family who recently lost their son Gavin Carlisle on November 1st to suicide. The family was presented with a varsity letter and flowers.

On Wednesday, the team honored their three seniors Josh Fragola, Jenna Scanlon, and Sage Follo. Josh has been on the team for all 4 years and is a co-captain of the team. Jenna Scanlon is one of the four managers and has been on the team for the past two years. Lastly, Sage Follo is the team’s other senior manager and has been managing for a full four years. Her brother is Trevor Follo, a graduate from Morgan, who wrestled in the past for the team. 

Seniors Sage, Josh, and Jenna
Morgan’s Wrestlers
Carlisle Family accepting varsity letter and flowers
Coach Hicks and Coach Wolfer
Josh claiming his last home win

Check out last year’s Senior Night and check out the boy’s schedule for the rest of the season!

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