Fencing At The Morgan School

Written by Sarah Williams |
Photos by Sarah Williams |

Morgan Fencing starts off their year with another fencing match against Old Lyme. Some students shared their opinions on why they like to do the sport.

Junior Ciro Falanga
Senior (Lily) Barbra Kozak
Freshman Trinity Carradero-Hasting

Ciro Falanga has been fencing for 3 years and enjoys it. He thinks that the sport is very unique and loves the atmosphere of the team. The rules and lessons help him to learn more unique moves to the sport.

Senior Lily Kozak known as Barbra loves fencing, as it is the only sport she knows and loves to do. The one thing she loves about it is that they get to “legally stab people.” She has lots of fun and loves her team.

Freshman Trinity Hasting is currently on the fencing team keeping score. She has fun and loves to play an underrated sport and loves meeting new people. She enjoys handling a sword.

Senior Amanda Dunn

Senior Amanda Dunn loves fencing and thinks that it helps her focus on her skills. She also loves hanging out with her friends. Handling swords and fighting is what she enjoys.

Morgan ended up winning women’s foil and men’s foil. There are a total of 47 Morgan fencers on the team. The coaching staff is Jim Barnett as head coach and James Harris as an assistant coach. Here is the fencing schedule for the year. Congrats to the Morgan fencing team!

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