Welcome To Morgan: Ally Holmes

Written By: Kiara Suarez and Samantha Clapper
Photos Taken By Kiara Suarez

Welcome Ms. Holmes

The Morgan School has added a number of new faculty for the 2019-2020 school year. Morgan welcomes mathematics teacher Ally Holmes. Ms. Holmes teaches both Geometry L1 and Algebra 2 L1.

Ms. Holmes was confused about what she wanted to be when she was in high school although she knew she was good in the math department. She would often tutor her friends in math during her high school life. ¨I learned that I like to help other people, and I like kids so I chose to major in it in college, and I’m glad I went that path,¨ Ms. Holmes stated. Ms. Holmes went to Eastern Connecticut State University and received a degree in mathematics and secondary education.

Ms. Holmes enjoys how different Morgan is compared to other schools because of the different opportunities and our sense of community. She also enjoys how everyone in the building is always positive and happy.

Ms. Holmes Helping A Student With Her School Work

To stay active, she enjoys going on hikes, walking her dog, and going to the beach when it’s nice outside. ¨I’m coaching field hockey so it’s nice to see students outside of the classroom and making those connections inside and outside the classroom¨ Ms. Holmes stated.

Ms. Holmes said, “Come visit my room D06, and If anyone ever needs help with math, I’m always available for help¨

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