Morgan Hosts French Exchange Students

Written by Jenna Boylan and Shea Haslam|
Video by Shea Haslam and Jenna Boylan|
Picture provided by Laura Martino|

It was March 29th when four Morgan students were lucky enough to host French exchange students from Marseille. The exchange students, Thibaud, Romain, Margaux, and Lou got to experience the life of an American high schooler for a week. Juniors Matthew Albert, Logan Smith, Kerryanne Longyear, and freshman Sydney Scanlon were the hosts of the exchange students.

They were able to take a trip to Boston, Massachusetts on Sunday, March 31st. They visited the Boston Tea Party Museum and the Quincy Market. They also went to New Haven to visit the Yale Art Gallery and took a tour of the university.

Logan Smith shared his experience as a host. Watch the video below to find out what they think about Morgan.

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