Prom Season is here

Written by Ashlynn Leka and Lee Broderick
Photos from social media

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Junior prom was held on Friday, May 18th at 7pm at Waters Edge in Westbrook. 96 students and guests (teachers and chaperones) attended prom.

Despite earlier controversy about whether students were going to attend this event, the students who attended prom were not disappointed.  Most students who attended prom said that they had a good time.

For many students who went this was there the first time going to prom. Freshman Francesca Tino said, ” The dance floor never died down, and it was overall just an amazing night. I am so glad that I was able to experience it as a freshman.”  Junior Mike Savage said, ” It was a really fun time and a great chance to spend time with friends while looking good at the same time”.  Junior Kayla Pellegrini who also attended this event said ” I am really glad that I went, it was everything that I expected and more”.

Junior Bryce Thomas who attended the Migos concert instead of prom said, ” I regret going because Migos didn’t show up until later, and I left before they even performed so I never got the chance to see them. Although I had a bad time, Russ did a great job performing. One of the songs I enjoyed was “what you want” but that was the only good song.”

Senior prom is this coming Friday the 25th, 6 pm at Fantasia in North Haven.

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