Inside Clinton Businesses: Grove Gardens Center

Written by Claire Pease and Kerryanne Longyear|
Photos by Claire Pease and Grove Garden Website|

Upon entering Grove Garden Center on Main Street, you are greeted with the sight of a plethora of plants and flowers and anything and everything gardening related.

Grove Garden Center consists of three separate businesses. There is a retail shop for gardening, a florist shop, Grove Garden Florist, and a landscaping service: Grove Garden Landscaping. Before separating into more specific fields, Grove Garden Center was one entity open since 1951.

Ten years ago, the retail section of the center gained new ownership by Rob Jacobson who described the three parts as “separate entities”. He continues that even though the businesses are separate, they “try to help the public as a whole.” The owners or employees will direct consumers to others if they are better equipped to cater to the individual’s needs.

Rob Jacobson said his main goal for his business is to have the customers that come into Grove Gardens get expert advice to help them fulfill their gardening aspirations. Rob would like to see his business increase and see more people with an interest in gardening, especially younger people. He would like people to recognize that the small, local businesses are often better and more efficient than the big chain stores. Small businesses may have higher prices, but they have better quality than the “big box stores.”

Visit Grove Gardens Center at 341 East Main Street and contact Rob Jacobson at 860-669-6757.

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