Hypnotizing Morgan Students

Written by Ashlynn Leka and Lee Broderick |
Photos and Video by Ashlynn Leka |

On March 23rd, hypnotist Jim Spinnato came to Morgan to perform for the students, staff and anyone in the community. Jim comes twice a year, once in the fall and in the beginning of spring. The proceeds from both this year’s shows went to Project Graduation for the class of 2018.

Jim travels around the country performing to all ages. Seniors Aj Mastriano, Matt Newfield, Anes Gaden, Tony Coretti, Ally Gardener, Kate Daley, Yash Rai, Robyn Vuilleumier and Juniors Ford Pender, Bryce Thomas and John Inglis all participated in the spring show.

Junior Bryce Thomas said, “Well I don’t remember anything, but I felt great after, and I would definitely do it again”.

Senior Matt Newfield said, “The experience of the show was unforgettable. I have always been skeptical about that sort of stuff, and I wanted to see if it was true. It proved to be real, and it was pretty eye-opening. During the show, I didn’t remember it. But after the show, he asked me if I wanted to remember. So he put me back under and told me that I would remember. Surprisingly, I did. But the way to describe it is that you are not fully aware of what is going on, and everything is blank. You don’t really have control of what you do, but I would totally do it again.” The Morgan School Students, staff and the members of the community enjoyed the show and were filled with laughter throughout the show. Below is a clip from the show.

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