A New Junior Portfolio

Written by Ashley Baldwin & Melanie Coretti |
Interviews by Ashley Baldwin & Melanie Coretti |

On April 13th, 2018, the Junior class at Morgan will participate in the graduation requirement of Junior Portfolio. Students will need to present rubrics they have collected throughout their high school career, and present it in front of a panel of teachers from the Clinton Public Schools. Students have been preparing in advance for the presentation.

Junior Erin Lindsay said, “I wrote down each of the rubrics I got. And every time I got a new rubric, I would tally it off so I knew how much of each rubric I had.”Erin has been preparing for the presentation since her sophomore year and has recently finished her presentation.

Junior Joelle Vuilleumier said, “I started bringing home rubrics. I picked a template that fits my slides.”She still has some work to do but is managing her time wisely.

Junior Grace Roman said, “First of all, I picked out rubrics that were already filled out. I’ve been choosing the good and the bad to see how I have improved.”

Senior Sam Mena presented last year. She stated, “Don’t wait until the very last minute because it stresses you out. But it’s not that big of a deal as long as you prepare accordingly.”

Recently, teachers on the Junior Portfolio committee have convened and created guidelines that will become effective for the class of 2022. Principal Keri Hagness said, “We’re trying to connect the idea of reflection.” She also added, “…we would like to transition from current academic expectations, to what’s called foundation skills.” Mrs. Hagness also said, “the purpose of Junior Portfolio is for students to take ownership of their learning and their reflection of their growth.”

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