Felicitaciones y Bienvenue!

Written by Olivia McCray |

On Wednesday, December 6 at 6:00 pm in the Morgan cafeteria, fourteen Spanish Students, ranging from sophomores to seniors, and seven French students, all juniors, were inducted into the Spanish Honor Society and the French Honor Society.    In order to be accepted into either one of these prestigious organizations, a student must have a 3.75-grade point average, must have sustained a B+ or better average in the class and have taken the class to at least level 4.  A student must also express a genuine interest in the language.

Both the Spanish and French ceremonies involve the lighting of a candle and the blowing out of a candle to signify the students’ acceptance into the group.  The Spanish students had to repeat an oath that was recited by Sydney Church, who is a current member of the society.  The French students individually repeated a phrase said to them by current society member, Ashlyn Harris.  To wrap up the French portion, the inductees were joined by the current members to sing the French National Anthem.

Senior Taylor Marnett, who was an inductee, explained, “As sophomores, we were not allowed to be inducted since we were the first class to have taken Spanish level 4 as sophomores.  So having the opportunity to be inducted my senior year for my achievements in AP Spanish is very rewarding.”

The whole event was followed by complimentary cake and punch provided by the current members of both the Spanish and French Honor Society.

The students inducted into the Spanish Honor Society: Sarah Auletta, Gavin Carlisle, Logan Cummings, Andrew Daley, Emma Farrell, Sydney Fratamico, Anes Gadun, Maxwell Hurtubise, Lillian Kozak, Taylor Marnett, Annalyse Olcott, Raymond Rigat, Raul Rodriguez, Liam Trahant, and Patrick Wilson.

The students inducted into the French Honor Society: Amber DeLuca, Simon Hua, Alyssa LeMay, David LaRiviere, Daniel Radka, Joelle Vuilleumier, and Matthew Zoner.

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