Election Day in Clinton 2017

Written by Rachel Gelven |

Tuesday, November 7th was the Election Day.  In Clinton, many positions were up for voting, including First Selectman and four Board of Education seats. For this election, candidates rallied the town for their support starting a few months ago.

Below is a list of the winning (bolded) and running candidates with the number of votes they got :


Lynn Hidek- Democrat 2673

Ed Tessman- Democrat 2399

Dom Morelli- Republican 2125

Town Hall, Clinton’s voting center

Kim Neri- Republican 1625


Bertram Schmitz- Democrat 2371

Charlie McEvoy- Democrat 2428

Nancy Stone (Alt.)- Democrat 2441

Mark Richards- Republican 2343


Aman Singh- Democrat 1909

Ellen Dahlgren- Democrat 2145

Mike Rossi- Democrat 2154

Bethany (Alt.) 2517

Michael Hughes- Republican 1822

Adam Moore- Republican 1742

Drew Richards- Republican 1778


Erica Gelven- Democrat 2179

Kim Russo- Democrat 2213

Jason Adler- Democrat 1903

Todd Pozefsky- Republican 1826

Doug Traynor- Republican 1930

Hugh Birdsall- Green Party 990


Dara Onofrio- Democrat 2139

Mike Smith- Democrat 2017

John Olsen- Democrat 1942

Gary Bousquet- Republican 1681

Tom Hollinger- Republican 1826


Jack Scherban- Democrat 2031

Tim Guerra- Democrat 1926

Carol Walter- Republican 1716

Phil Sengle- Republican 1662


Christine Goupil- Democrat 2079

Bruce Farmer (write-in)- Democrat 221

Kirk Carr- Republican 1558

First Selectman winner Christine Goupil said, “The Clinton Democratic Town Committee slate and I are very pleased with Tuesday’s high voter turnout and positive results. Throughout the campaign, I have been forthcoming about my goals and policies for our administration. These policies provide guidance for Clinton Town boards and commissions to move forward over the next two years. Perhaps the most important policy is to create an open and transparent government. This initiative has the potential to be transformative and enduring.”

First Selectwoman Elect Goupil also provided some of her policy. She stated, “I will always stand up for the values of our Town by building consensus. This will not be based on partisanship or special interests, but by representing all of our citizen’s voices, regardless of party. It is important for Clinton’s government to be as open as possible. When people find government is listening with genuine interest, they become engaged. When a positive political environment encourages public participation in our electoral process, it creates a sense of ownership. When transparency is brought back to governing, people feel that their voice – and vote – matters.”

The rest of her polices are available on her campaign website ChristineGoupil2017.com.



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