The Championship Team Returns

Written by Olivia McCray and Sydney Church |
Photos courtesy of Mike Ruggiero |

This year marks 30 years since a Morgan football team has won a state championship title. To commemorate the occasion, over 50 coaches, players, cheerleaders, and statisticians have been invited to attend the 2017 homecoming football game on Saturday October 28th to participate in a few activities and ceremonies.

The 1987 championship football game against Berlin

Prior to the game, there will be a breakfast in the morning for players from the 1987 team and the current football team. Following the breakfast, a tailgate will be held at the Ethel Peters Complex, where T-Shirts commemorating the 30-year anniversary will be handed out. Veteran players will watch the homecoming game from the end zone, where tents will be set up.

Scoreboard of the 1987 championship game at Uconn’s football stadium

The 1987 team hopes to use this reunion to bring pride and tradition to The Morgan School along with celebrating one of its greatest high school memories.  For many of the players, it was the greatest day of their lives at the time, one of them described it as, ” Euphoric – the greatest feeling of accomplishment and bringing school spirit to Morgan and the Town of Clinton. I think the whole town was at UCONN stadium watching us play for the title in freezing cold temps”.

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