Candidates for Student Government 2017-18

Photos and Videos by Kitty Shortt and Calvin Jackson |
Featured image courtesy of The Times Weekly |

On Tuesday, May 16th, freshman, sophomores, and juniors will elect class and school officers. The candidates are listed below.

School Wide Student Council

Brett Martin – School Wide President


Caleb Adams-Hull – School Wide Vice-President


Class of 2018 Student Council

Wyatt Reu – President


Andie Carse – Vice-President


Kaitlyn Maurais – Secretary


Nadine Khalifa – Treasurer

Pictured here with Mrs. Whittel


Class of 2019 Student Council

Erin Lindsay – President


JP Nye – President



Dan Radka – Vice-President


Rachel Flanagan – Secretary


Olivia McCray – Secretary



Sydney Church – Treasurer



Joelle Vuilluimier – Treasurer



Class of 2020 Student Council

Analyse Olcott – President


Gavin Carlisle – Vice President


James Siciliano – Secretary

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