Written by Stephen Zumpano |

Changing seasons from autumn to winter only means one thing: new sports! There are a plethora of winter sports to spectate this season, but the one we’re focusing on is boys basketball. This season, boys basketball is equipped with 29 of Morgan’s finest male athletes including Senior Captain Jake Anselmo. The team has been preparing for a big season. According to Freshman Basketball Coach and Social Studies Teacher Corey Zdunczyk, this team is filled with “a lot of young guys who are willing to put in time and effort to do well.”

When it comes to strengths as a team, this team has a long list of them. “This team is going to be very productive…each day we are getting better individually, but we are also getting better as a team,” says Junior Tyler Newfield. Tyler is one of the key players on the team, so his opinion of how this team will do is vital. Some of the technical strengths of the team also include “passing the ball to get a good shot,” so from hard work to skill to dedication, this team has it all down to a tee.

Our Morgan Boys Basketball team has a strong advantage this season. “I think we’re going to get better as the season goes along,” said Mr. Zdunczyk about the team. Tyler predicted that “as a team, we will play to our full potential and will play our hearts out every time we step onto the court.” Mr. Zdunczyk also added that “the guys who don’t have a lot of varsity experience will grow and get better as the season goes on.”

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