Seniors Get in Formation

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Written by and Pictures by: Natalie Buchetto|

Put some pep in your step Morgan we have senior entrance happening for this pep rally and homecoming court.

This year’s class of 2017 ran into the sound of The Purge. As they entered they formed a big 17 on the floor. Then they surrounded our beloved Morgan Husky and dropped to the ground. The entrance was well put together and the seniors seemed to enjoy what the stunt.

Student Council announced the homecoming court. Here are the winners:

Freshman- Lauren Kuever and Ben Lichack

Sophomores-Grace Roman and Ryan Caldwell

Juniors- Emma Riccio and Anes Gadun

Senior Prince and Princess-MacKenzie Miller and George Limosani

Senior Queen and King- Alex Church and Burton Caldwell

To end the pep rally with a little bit of fun, the Morgan Huskies enjoyed a fun game of Ships an Sailors. Watching the rounds of ships and sailors was a very entertaining way to end the school day. The bitter sweet feeling seniors have about leaving is overwhelming. Enjoy it while you have it.


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