Mike Baker: College Life

Written by Gabby Vigorito and Abby Pitarra |

Mike Baker is a freshman at Boston University. During his college search, he knew he wanted to be in a city, so he narrowed it down to Boston, New York, Philly, and DC. When he received his acceptances, Boston University was the best academic and financial option because BU has a rigorous academic environment and the offer covered his entire tuition.mike baker

Mike says that college life is even better than expected. He is finding a balance between studying, exploring, and socializing. He’s already looking into staying on campus or in Boston over the summer while working or interning. His favorite thing is having so many concert venues no more than 10 minutes away, and his least favorite thing is the 30-minute walk from East to West Campus. This is because BU is three miles long.

He said,  “There are so many different people on campus, and some are so extravagantly rich, driving their G-wagons and pink Ferraris around campus. Some are so humble and quiet spoken. I already have an awesome group of friends. Even though the school is so large, I’m starting to see lots of familiar faces more and more each day.”

He misses the small community at Morgan. He said, “there are so many people who have their own goals and motivations, but as soon as you find people who are like you, you click really fast.”

He is currently involved in BU Student Government as a Senator. And he’s a part of Divest BU, which is an activist group dedicated to BU to divest from fossil fuels. Some other things he’s involved in are BU Energy Club and Environmental Student Organization, and both the BU Undergraduate Art History and Architecture Associations.

Mike is currently on track to be a double major in economics and environmental analysis/policy. He is very interested in pursuing a career in politics, environmental law/policy, urban development/planning, etc. There are so many different jobs that he would be willing to pursue.

So far the biggest opportunity he’s had was applying to be a Senator on BU Student Government. He was chosen out of many of applicants to represent along with a few others his college in the university. He is excited to represent the voice of close to 6,000 students in BU.

His advice for Seniors applying to college is to apply where you want to be and where you would love to see yourself. Also, you have to do well on your standardized tests and be true/passionate to what you write in your college applications. Real people read the essays and prompts, and they want to see the real you come out.

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