Branching Out the Morgan Way

Written by Amanda LaRiviere |

The graduates of the Class of 2016 are known as the last graduating of The old Morgan School. As happy as they are to hold that title, they will never experience a school year at the new Morgan. At the conclusion of the 2016 school year, a student was selected to leave her mark on the new school by creating a mural to represent the Morgan family.

New Mural Plan

Amber’s original plan for the mural

Class of 2016 graduate Amber Vuilleumier is now majoring in interior design at Endicott College in Massachusetts. Before the new school opened, Principal Keri Hagness approached Amber and asked her to paint a tree for the front office representing Morgan. The inspiration for painting the tree was mentioned in Class of 2016 graduate Kayla Burt’s article, New Art at the New Morgan. Initially, Amber thought that a tree was a bit cliche, so she put her own spin on it and made the branches form into words.

When asked about her impressions of the new school, Amber replied, “It’s very modern, and the open concept is great. I think it is a great school but with blocks [schedule]…” she is glad she does not attend the school anymore.


Amber’s mural in the front office

The tree consists of words such as: optimism, pride, acceptance, and creativity,   which represent what it means to be a Morgan Husky. Although Amber does not attend the school anymore, her mural will remain in the office for years.



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