Mr. Bergman: Teacher by Day, Coach by Night

Written By Riley Thompson |

Morgan Golf has always been one of the most successful programs for Morgan sports, claiming the state champion title for the past three years, along with their three-peat for the Shoreline Championship title.

Golf 2015 State Champs

English Teacher and Head Coach for the Morgan Golf team Eric Bergman earned the honor of CHSCA Outstanding Coach of the Year for Boys Golf. Mr. Bergman will be honored for this accomplishment on May 12th, at the Aqua Turf at 7:00 pm.

The recipient of this award is determined by record, number of state championships, and number of years coaching.maina carey and mr bergman


“I feel incredibly blessed to be recognized for this award, however I’m also somewhat saddened by receiving this attention which truly should be directed at my players, such as; Frank Rivas, Gabe Vaness, Maxx Bugg, and Ron Hurst who all did so much to build this program to its current status,” stated Coach Bergman. “There are far too many to thank by name, but any recognition I receive goes right back to my coaches, my teachers, my parents, and my players.”


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