The Winning Streak is Over

Written by Sam Pansa and Tiana Chrans
Pictures by Amber Vuilleumier |

Another year, another successful Swoosh for Change. The night began with hope for another undefeated year for the students. The students kept their title for most of the game with a close score, only points above their rival, the teachers.

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By halftime the score was 25-23.  Students were in the lead. Though once the game started back up after the half time show, the teachers showed their determination to win on the court. The score remained neck and neck until the last seconds of the game when ultimately the teachers came out on top.

During the halftime show, the Piersons’ Bouncing Basketballs to the Beat came out for a riveting performance including 60 of Piersons’ shining stars. After, 2014 graduate Paige Pelligrino sang a few songs with Junior Sarah Jackson as a guest singer. The Eliot cheer team even made a surprise appearance and put on a half time show.

The ending score was students 35 and teachers 36. It was a disappointing year of defeat for the students, the first time for all four years of Swoosh. Though the students left the game disappointed, this year’s fundraising was anything but. Congrats to Swoosh for raising $3, 477.78 in fundraising money for the Clinton Rotary Cancer Relief Fund.

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