Swoosh There It Is

Swoosh For Change shirt front

Swoosh For Change shirt front

Written by Sam Pansa and Tiana Chrans|

Swoosh For Change is a school fundraising event that many look forward to. It features students against teachers in a basketball showdown. Half time will have performances by Feed the Bod and Piersons’  Bouncing Basketballs to the Beat

Swoosh for Change will be on March 22, 2016. The game will start at 7:00 and doors will be open to the public at 6:30.

Admission is 5 dollars. Shirts are 15 dollars.

All the proceeds will go to the Clinton Rotary Cancer Relief Fund.

On the students’ team, the players are Matt Capece, Austin Remetta, Lucas Lennox, Josh Daley, Tejas Patel, Justin Navarra, Jarett Talarcyzk, Jake Bzowski, Dashaun James, Kevin Daley, Juan Avila, Courtney Carroll, Alyssa Robinson, Courtney Viglione, Sam Hauser, and Drew Walton.

The players for the teachers are  Mrs. Luther, Mr. Ferace, Mr. Webb, Mr. Rossi, Mr. Zdunczyk, Mrs. Iverson, Mr. Gersz, Mr. Richitelli, Mr. Hogle, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Kumnick, Mr. BonTempo, Ms. May

To get pumped for the upcoming game be sure to watch the Swoosh for Change 2016 promo video.

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