Pockets Letters to Send to Your Pal

Written by and pictures by Abby Jasinski |

If you are feeling a bit crafty and as though you want to find a new hobby you might love, I suggest doing Pocket Letters! Pocket Letters are a way to send letters to your new or already existing pen pals! You fill the pockets of a 9 Pocket Trading Card Protector and send the pages to someone who would like to swap with you.
You could fill the pockets with anything you like, (stickers, notes, pictures, etc.), and you can make this a one time experience, or you may continuously swap with people who would like to swap back. When you receive your Pocket Letters from other people, you can put them in a binder full with fun and cute crafty things! You may be as creative as you like and the more you add little things to the letters, the more imagination and style you put into them.


This example can help you get an idea of what a Pocket Letter looks like!

I hope you can find a new hobby like this if you feel like you want to let your imagination out as much as possible. Pocket Letters are really fun to do. They are easy and an amazing hobby once you get the hang of it and continuously create crafty things to send to your favorite people or someone else online that would like to do the same. If you have any questions at all, you can either contact me, abigail.jasinski@clintonpublic.net, or you can contact the creator!

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