Ugly Sweater Contest Tomorrow-December 22

Written By Chelsea Pacheco
Photos By Autism Awareness Club Members

Hello Morgan! Tomorrow, December 22, is a very exciting day. First of all, it is the last full day before Christmas Vacation, and tomorrow, Autism Awareness is holding an Ugly sweater contest. Are you ready?

The Autism Awareness club was created last year by Juniors Jenna Morello and Lizzy Grandfield. ThAutism Awareness at Club Faire teacher that is helping with the organization with the club is English teacher Mrs. O’Brien.

Last year, since it was the first year of the club, there were about 8 people that participated. We would hold bake sales at the school’s athletic events.  The club members would all bring a baked good and set up a table and have an Autism Awareness sign up. Donations were greatly appreciated. Members  also had a table of baked goods at Swoosh For Change. All the players were very hungry to eat some of the tasty treats.

This year in the club, members plan to make shirts and sell them to spread awareness of Autism. That is the whole point of this club. Not many people are aware of all the forms and signs of awareness.

Funds raised by Autism Awareness are donated to Autism Speaks Foundation.

Every single person should take part in the contest. I am sure all of you have an ugly sweater, and what better way to get festive than an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Let’s see how jolly Morgan is and see if we can celebrate the most wonderful time of the year together. Hope to see your ugly sweater!


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