Typing is a Dirty Job At Morgan

By David LaRiviere and August Pulaski |

IMG_0228When you hear “Computer lab keyboards,” what is the first thing that you think of? Hopefully it is not the dirt all over the keys on the keyboard. We asked this question to many different students, and their responses just might shock you…

Some of the responses we heard included “Yucky,” “Dirty”, “Broken,” “Puke-worthy” and other negative words. In fact, six out of seven of the people we surveyed said something negative about the keyboards.

It is uncertain as to what the prime source of the grime is, as it could be a number of possibilities. Maybe no one is properly cleaning the keyboards or maybe it is because the students who are using them do not have sanitary hands. Either way, the keyboards are in need of  more care and sanitization since literally hundreds of students are using them on a daily basis.

One solution for this problem is adding hand sanitizer in the computer lab. According to the Huffington Post, using sticky notes can clean your keyboards. We have tested this, and it doesn’t clean the keys themselves, but it does clean under the keys. The keys could be removed from  the keyboards individually to be cleaned. Keyboard (1)

Morgan is our home away from home and we need to keep it clean. Who is responsible for keeping the keyboards clean?  Is it the maintenance staff’s fault that the keyboards are disgusting, or is the student’s fault for not being clean when typing ?

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