La Princesse au Petit Pois

Written by Cameron LeClaire, Photos by Patrick Markovics and Cameron LeClaire    |

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Our beloved World Language teacher Mrs. Sunny has had her very last play at The Morgan School. Her Freshman French class performed La Princesse au Petit Pois ( The Princess and the Pea).

The audience was packed and the play was fantastic! “The play is an exciting and unique experience for the French class from beginning to end. I am really going to miss her next year!” exclaimed Matt Beauvais. Freshman Henry Southwood also exclaimed how ” it was a great experience, and I am so happy I was able to be in her last play before she retired.”

The audience also enjoyed watching the play. Audience member Isaac Eriksen stated  ” that was such an awesome play, and it is really sad that this is going to be her last one.”

At the close of the play, Mrs Sunny said how ” the play was great, and I loved putting it together with such a great class. I am really going to miss being able to do fun World Language classes that really help kids with what they learn in the classroom. Once you put a kid in a costume, they are able to turn into a whole new character!”






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