Go for Red: Support Women’s Health

Written by Cameron LeClaire |

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Wear Red Day is a day to support Women’s Heart awareness. This year Wear Red Day was on February 6th. One out of every three women die from heart attacks or strokes. According to the Go Red for Women website, about 80% of heart disease could be prevented with a change in lifestyle. In 2003, the first wear red day was started, since then, around 90% of women have changed a portion of their lifestyle. Now, 300 less women die from heart disease each day.

Clinton schools participated by wearing red to support Women’s Heart Awareness, and teachers donated five dollars apiece to the foundation. Administrative Assistant Allison Friday from central office was the spearhead of this event which started last year in Clinton. She states that “last year, a woman from The American Heart Association, Jak Cruthers, stopped in the Superintendent’s office wondering if we would be willing to host a Wear Red Day on February 14, 2014.” Once Friday became the leader of this event, she put it straight into her life. ” What we ended up doing was a Zumba benefit in conjunction with a heart-healthy take-home meal for our staff. We raffled off a heart pendant and gave Red Dress pins away for $5 donations, and staff could dress down. We raised about 250 dollars.” Friday explains how this year, after receiving the donation money, we should clear 200 dollars in support of women’s heart awareness.


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