A Homecoming Pep Rally Like No Other

Written by PaulMichael Mullally |

Photos taken by Jonathan Markovics |

The Homecoming Pep Rally has high expectations to supersede. Traditionally it is one of Morgan’s most exciting and loudest events.  Students of all classes can release their inner dog pound pride. This year’s Homecoming Pep Rally exceeded any of its predecessors.

It all began early on the half-day prior to Thanksgiving at 10:50 am. It started with a quiet rumble and a question: where are the seniors? Then boom! The seniors came flying in through opposite ends of the new gym and showed off their unique dance moves, ending in a small tribute to their final year at Morgan with a little bit of a throwback-pop-song, Bye Bye Bye by NYSNC.

The senior entrance was then followed by multiple cheers and another spectacular dance routine by the oh-so-usually-crowd-pleasing Morgan cheer team. As if the Dog Pound wasn’t wound up enough, the boy’s Powder Puff cheerleading team performed a delightfully hysterical but outstanding dance routine.

Then the M.C. cued up the drum-roll  to reveal Morgan’s newest husky. After a dispute last year with UConn, Morgan was asked to change its current mascot design, as it closely resembled UConn’s previous logo.

Last was the crowning of the homecoming royalties, an uplifting way to leave school for an extended holiday weekend.

If this pep rally wasn’t enough to get your drive for Morgan spirit going, then re-live it here with the PawPrint’s slideshow below.

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