The Tech-savy Saviors

Written by PaulMichael Mullally |

It started with a question: why iTeam? In the words of Mrs.Robinson, “The vision for our iTeam arouse from a need in our school. Teachers were being encouraged to embrace new technology and resources for delivering instruction, however, they didn’t always have the time needed to effectively explore and learn these new instruments. The pliable solution to this was to build students into peer coaches who in return bring fresh integration ideas to teachers.”

iTeam is composed of seven students, one student per period, and currently each student hosts their own initiative. Various initiatives include iTeam classroom integration through the use of iPads and Google Apps (such as Google Sites, Drive, Presentation, and Docs) and web-designing the Virtual Learning Commons Website, including the new Tech Tip and App of the Week pages. In addition, various students have recently begun using Apple software such as Garageband and iMovie to create creative and unique media-presentations.

iTeam students practice their tech-savy skills in the Morgan Learning Commons. Recently the iTeam attended a conference for media-specialists. ITeam members presented to an array of librarians and educators about what their vision of “the Learning Commons” is in a creative short YouTube video with iMovie. View it here.

iTeam is still in its developmental stage, but does plan to grow as an exciting educational opportunity at Morgan. Most current iTeam members hope to achieve greater collaboration of iTeam members into the classroom and have a greater array of technology and resources available for their disposable.

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