Morgan Football Players and Cheerleaders Go Pro

Written By Katie Costello |
Game Stats Noted By Abby Andrews |
Video Filmed and Edited By Katie Costello |

On 9/27, the Morgan football team played Windsor Locks at Peter’s Complex. During the first quarter, Greg Lee intercepted the ball. Jake Ward led the team to a Morgan touchdown with the field goal being good, kicked by Joe Lee, leaving the score 7-0. The second quarter brought up the Morgan score, getting two touchdowns both by Jake Ward and both kicks were good, by Joe Lee. At half time, the score was 21-0. In the third quarter, another Morgan touchdown by Tom White was scored, leaving Morgan with a score of 27 and Windsor Locks with 0. The fourth quarter brought exciting events. The ball was intercepted by Joe Lee, with a touchdown by Gary Forbes and the field goal was good. After another Morgan interception and a five yard penalty, Alex Lipka got a touchdown, and the kick was no good. A re-kick by Chucky Kostek left Morgan with a score of 43. Windsor Locks got a touchdown with 25.7 seconds left in the game and tried to run the ball during the final seconds, but failed. Morgan triumphed with a final score of 43-6.

During this great victory, I filmed what happened on the sidelines. The video below includes the cheerleaders 1st and 3rd quarter cheers, a sideline stunt, and t-shirts and footballs thrown into the student section to the Morgan Rumble. The football players hope to win the state championship and dominate Class S with their Morgan Cheerleaders right alongside them.

4 responses to “Morgan Football Players and Cheerleaders Go Pro

  1. Although I didn’t get to go to the game its great being able to “see” and know what happened. Great job!


  2. I saw you using the go-pro during the t-shirt toss at the football game and it was exciting to actually see how great the footage came out. Good idea Katie!!


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