I Love This Book!

Written by Kayla Maloney |

Summer is quickly approaching and students are ready to forget about school work! Before you know it, August will come and school will begin, so be sure not to forget about your summer reading. If you are a sophomore, junior or senior, you have two choices. You can choose an ‘I Love This Book’ choice, or take on the required book for your grade.

About 80 percent of the incoming sophomores, juniors, and seniors decide to be a part of I Love This Book.  This coming school year will be the 6th year of the I Love This Book choice. After talking to Mr. Serenbetz about the options, I realized that he is the man behind this whole “I Love This Book” option. Mr Serenbetz put an immense amount of time into organizing this event for students and his reasoning seemed clear: “I give these students a lot of choices, about 38 books rather than being assigned a book. There is no quiz, no worksheet, and no assignments. Instead they are talking about the book. It is more authentic, more real life for the students. The faculty is also very invested in the book,” said Mr. Serenbetz. 38 faculty members will be discussing different books for the book chat in the fall.

Students have plenty of time to select the book they want to read, but remember first come first serve.  Each student selects three books they would like to read.  Mr. Serenbetz will assign the student to one of the three choices. Juniors will usually get first choice. Though a packet of the choices will be handed out, the book choices and the the entire summer reading program is available on The Morgan School Summer Reading 2013 site. Each year selections for books change, though a few will stay on the list depending on how loved the book was from prior years. So everyone should take a quick look at all of the choices, and sign up for the I Love This Book!

3 responses to “I Love This Book!

  1. It seems like Mr. Serenbetz puts a lot of work into “I Love This Book” with other teachers. I chose my books that I will be reading and there was a great selection to choose from.


  2. Many students look at the “I Love This Book” assignment as homework over the summer, but this article described it very well. It shows that it is enjoyable for the teachers, and also I think many students enjoy reading as well. The book choices are usually books that students our age enjoy.


  3. This article was very well written. I love this book is a great opportunity to take advantage of for Summer reading and most students enjoy it. This article gave a good description of what it is all about.


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